Our sustainable dreams

2021 Corporate Social
Responsibility Report
Royal Auping

‘At Auping, we consider it our responsibility to keep the world liveable, healthy and safe. We believe that the best way to take that responsibility is by adopting a circular business model.’

Jan-Joost Bosman, Chief Executive Officer

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How Auping creates value

The central focus in this CSR Report is on value creation. In this respect, we are adhering to the guidelines of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). Our value creation model therefore not only covers our financial values, but mainly also our non-financial values.

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Our impact in 2021

Emissions reduction

In 2021, relative carbon emissions (tCO2e) per million euros of revenue were down 34% compared to 2019. In 2021, relative carbon emissions (tCO2e) per employee were down 4% compared to 2019.


Including additional emissions resulting from the production of medical face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic
(compared to 2019).

Emissions overview

98% of Auping’s emissions are scope 3 emissions, i.e. from other indirect energy consumption.


Scope 1 – Direct energy consumption
Scope 2 – Indirect energy consumption
Scope 3 – Other indirect energy consumption

Waste streams

76.2% of our waste streams are recycled or converted into biomass.

Our focus areas

Circular value chain

the path to 100% circularity

Auping stands for a circular value chain. As our new range of mattresses is virtually completely circular, we have turned our focus to the sustainable origins of the recycled materials we procure. We are also focusing on replacing non-circular raw materials with circular raw materials and redeveloping products until they are fully circular. Being a B Corp, Auping encourages sub-supply chains to also go circular.

Energy-efficient operations
heading for 100% sustainability by 2030

Auping itself is already almost entirely carbon-neutral when it comes to scopes 1 and 2. The aim is to make our operations fully energy-neutral. The focus is therefore on cutting indirect carbon emissions by suppliers and retailers, for which Auping has teamed up with consultancy firm South Pole. The majority of waste streams is recycled or converted into biomass. In 2021, carbon emissions per million euros of revenue were down 34% compared to 2019.

Care for people
employees, suppliers and retailers

Auping is a people’s company, meaning that we treat employees, suppliers and retailers with respect. The UN Global Compact is the basis of our HR policy, which is shaped for and by employees. Our procurement policy revolves around close collaboration with our suppliers, where innovative partnership comes first. 65% of our transport is within a 300km radius of our factory. Together with our retailers, we create a genuine and strong Auping feeling.

Governance and risk management
the basis for our company

A good corporate governance structure is the foundation of the company. Auping’s board is responsible for creating that structure and ensuring it is complied with. At Auping, we are all about trust, reliability, continuous improvement and care for each other and the environment, both today and tomorrow. It is our firm conviction that this leads to broadly supported and optimised risk management.

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